"Archie had his first session with Tory today, to say it was amazing is an understatement... Archie came alive in his session, he was calm, had increased eye contact and vocal communication. He loved his session! As a parent of a child with multiple and complex needs, this was so beautiful to watch. Thank you!"

Jane. Feb19

"Tory is wonderful. She is a very experienced Yogi, which is important, but she brings so much more to her work. She spent time with doing yoga my son in a small group setting. It was especially for ASD children, and though the group was very small, they all had quite different needs. Tory was able to engage them all and it was an activity that my son wanted to stay with. That is very unusual for him. Her gentle, open and child centred approach offered my son some calm and relief from what can be a daily struggle with anxiety/heightened emotions and sensory overload. I suspect that Tory adds something special to the lives of whomever she comes into contact with."

Roisin. Oct17

"My wee grandson Clark 5 (ASD) has been having 1:1 yoga sessions with Tory thoughout the summer holidays and has really enjoyed them and benefitted greatly from them. We noticed a great different in his mood, he was always smiling afterwards, so happy and relaxed and talking a lot more.
We are so grateful for Tory and what she does, would highly recommend."

Cath. Sept 16

"My kids and I just LOVE our family yoga sessions with Tory. She is creative, patient and enthusiastic and carefully pitches the session just right for all ages. Can't recommend highly enough."

Emma. June18

"If I could imagine the best therapist for my child, it would be Tory. She just meets Benji where he's at, every time. Tory gives him the space to be himself and she meets his energy and helps him gently control it. She is so respectful of his condition and his needs, and is completely accepting. She notices things that I don't, and uses that to help him get into positions that help him. I don't even know how to explain- Tory is incredibly skilled and I had no idea that yoga could literally be life changing!! 
Since we have been seeing Tory on a regular basis, my sons confidence is better, his awareness of himself and his body has improved drastically and he even sleeps better. My son is now better able to regulate his emotions, he stims less and is coping infinitely better with social situations. Benji also is becoming skilled at yoga- his strength and control is really improving! 
I cannot recommend Tory and her incredible work highly enough."

Louise. April16

"Tory is amazing my son has been taking yoga with her on a 1 to 1 for a year. She has made such a difference to him and us as a family. I would advise families to check this out I'm so glad we did. Tory is a lovely person and is fantastic with kids."

Jill. April17

"Tory was recommended to me for my sister, Lisa, who has a learning disability and has mobility issues. We attended sessions that I was also able to take part in, it was nice for both of us to share this experience. My first impressions of Tory were that she was patient, flexible, attentive and determined to do her best for my sister. Tory was always prepared with a plan for the session, however was able to adapt this as required to meet Lisa's needs and pace. Every week Lisa showed improvement (and so did I lol) and we both looked forward to the sessions. It was fantastic to see Lisa so motivated to attend and take part. Tory provided additional support for Lisa as necessary to assist her with positioning and movements. She also adjusted her own position so Lisa could hear her better when she had an ear infection and her hearing aid had stopped working. This was such a huge gesture for Lisa especially as Tory did it without any suggestion from either of us. Tory is clearly experienced, not only yoga etc but in working with those who have particular needs. She has an ability to recognise what people need and to help them without having to ask, which is perfect when working with people who may have communication difficulties or lack the confidence to say anything. Not only would I highly recommend Tory on a personal level but also in my professional capacity. We hope to attend further sessions with Tory and would suggest others attend them to see the benefits for themselves. Namaste."

Andrea. July16

"I've tried to write this review several times over the past few days and I just can't get into words and do justice to Tory for everything she has helped my daughter with so far! The transformation is unbelievable and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Tory has given my daughter the tools and strategies to focus on herself, her mind and body and to start recognising what she needs to do when her anxiety takes over. Through her gentle and quiet approach and with so much positivity she engaged my daughter straight away. My daughter has autism and a separate diagnosis of severe anxiety disorder alongside multiple physical issues including hypermobility joint syndrome, sensory issues, fatigue, dyspraxia etc. My daughter has been out if school for 3 years because of her high levels of anxiety. She can't cope with people being near her, touching her, even the idea of someone speaking to her was enough to give her a panic attack. For years she has suffered daily with crippling anxiety, it's too much to go into but she was lost in a state of continued panic. 
Since Tory started teaching her, she looks forward to every session with such enthusiasm. I think her favourite part is the relaxation, at times I've been convinced she's fallen fast asleep. Through yoga, Tory has taught Frances about the importance of breathing, she has shown her how to use chants when it's not possible to do relaxation. Frances normally reacts quickly when someone touches her or is close to her. She can lash out shouting"don't touch me". Tory has been able to put her hands on Frances to help with the poses and for support without any reactions. In fact just last week during one pose where they faced each other, foot to foot, Frances said it was ok to touch feet! This is unheard off. 
Frances has gained so much confidence, there is a definite improvement in her levels of anxiety but the biggest improvement Is that she can feel her body reacting to stress and anxiety and she can recognise with support that the needs to stop and use yoga. She's been on the brink of a few meltdowns and anyone who knows about autism will know that meltdowns have to run it's course and they can last hours. We know the signs well and lucky we were at home, Frances was able to use the relaxation recording and concentrate on her breathing and body. When it was over she was relaxed and happy with no sign of meltdown. She's trying her best to speak to others now too, last week she asked if she could order and pay in a shop... to say I was shocked is an understatement as she usually hides. Tory has a very special talent and to be able to connect with Frances and understand her needs. We are very lucky to have been recommended Tory and I would love to pass on that recommendation to other families. Thanks every so much Tory because of you we can see our daughter starting to shine through again."

Kathleen. June16

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